Strong Female Character
Hanna Flint

‘Hanna is a terrific writer, with an eye for a telling detail and a strong, unique, passionate voice.’ – Nick De Semlyen, Editor-in-Chief, Empire

‘One of the smartest pop culture commentators out there, Hanna is able to filter the latest releases through a sophisticated lens of social justice with wit and flair.’ – Toby Moses, Guardian

‘At a time when fluff and gossip reign supreme, Hanna Flint’s work is consistently insightful, informative and engaging all at once. I always finish reading it feeling just a tad bit smarter.’ – Candice Frederick, Huffington Post

Hanna Flint speaks from the heart in Strong Female Character, a personal and incisive reflection on how cinema has been the key to understanding herself and the world we live in.

A feminist of mixed-race heritage, Hanna has succeeded in an industry not designed for people like her. Interweaving anecdotes from familial and personal experiences – episodes of messy sex, introspection, and that time actor Vincent D’Onofrio tweeted that Hanna Flint sounded ‘like a secret agent’ – she offers a critical eye on the screen’s representation of women and ethnic minorities – their impact on her life, body image and ambitions – with the humour and eloquence that has made her a leading film critic of her generation. Divided into sections Origin Story, Coming of Age, Adult Material, Workplace Drama and Strong Female Character, the book ponders how the creative industries could better reflect our multicultural society.

Warm, funny and engaging and full of film-infused lessons, Strong Female Character will appeal to readers of all backgrounds and seeks to help us better see ourselves in our own eyes rather than letting others decide who and what we can be.

Photography: Amaal Said

About the author

Hanna Flint is a London-based critic, journalist and host who has been covering film and culture for nearly a decade.

Her reviews, interviews and features have appeared in GQ, Empire, the Guardian, Elle US, Sight & Sound, Radio Times, BBC Culture and elsewhere. She is a frequent guest on BBC Radio 4’s Front Row, the co-host of MTV Movies and the weekly film review podcast Fade to Black, the co-founder of The First Film Club event series and podcast, and a member of London’s Critics’ Circle.

She is a voice for gender equality, diversity and inclusion in the entertainment industry and an advocate for MENA representation as a writer of Tunisian heritage.