Footnote is a disruptive new publisher focusing on migration, identity and marginalised knowledge and experience. We are interested in spotlighting other ways of thinking, being and organising, especially ones that have been previously overlooked or excluded. Our mission is to counter dominant narratives and retell the story.

Our publishing programme spans stimulating and politically engaged fiction and non-fiction, including history, current affairs, philosophy, memoir, situational reportage, environment, and more. As well as publishing and recruiting as widely as possible, Footnote will innovate using bold new digital strategies to amplify crucial voices and find and connect with new global audiences.

Footnote was launched in partnership with Bonnier Books UK, a pioneering arrangement that combines the editorial independence and agility of an indie press with the sales and distribution capabilities of a world-leading publisher.

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Vidisha Biswas
Managing Director

Vidisha is Footnote’s founder and managing director. She was previously a co-owner and director at the radical publishing collective Zed Books, before it was acquired by Bloomsbury in 2020. Her career history of socially progressive publishing has also spanned organisations including the Morning Star, New Statesman and Verso Books. An advocate of alternative and disruptive business models, Vidisha and co-founder Sujoy Roy launched Footnote in 2022.

Sujoy Roy
Marketing Director

Sujoy is a trailblazer in online gaming with more than 25 years’ experience in esports and video games. As a spokesperson for the industry, Sujoy played a significant role in the growth of esports and has launched multiple successful initiatives including Gamerbase, a social gaming company that provided online and regional hubs for video games players, which was subsequently acquired by the retail group HMV.

Candida Lacey
Consulting Editor

Candida completed a PhD at the University of Sussex before senior editor roles at Routledge, Pandora, Unwin Hyman, HarperCollins and Jonathan Cape. She was MD at Myriad Editions and worked with authors including Lisa Blower, Cynthia Enloe, Lorna Goodison and Elizabeth Haynes. She commissioned Margaret Busby’s landmark anthologies, Daughters of Africa (Cape, 1992) and New Daughters of Africa (Myriad, 2019), and is executor for the Kay Dick estate. Candida joined Footnote as consulting editor in November 2021.

Kwaku Osei-Afrifa
Commissioning Editor

Kwaku started their career executive assisting the directors at Canongate and Titan, after working as a Waterstones bookseller. Either side of a two-year stint as a chef, they moved into editorial at Unbound and Hodder Studio (a fortnight before first lockdown 2020), going on to publish titles such as Kate Folk’s Out There and James Bradley’s BSFA longlisted Ghost Species, before joining Footnote in April 2022.

Grace Harrison
Publicity & Marketing Manager

Grace was previously communications and events manager at Picador Books where she worked with authors such as Emily St John Mandel, Patrick Radden Keefe and Andrea Lawlor. Before this she had a career working in different roles across magazine publishing and video games. She loves queer fiction, podcasts about scam artists, enjoys making music and has a monthly radio show dedicated to new wave and the 1980s. Grace joined Footnote in April 2022.