These are just some of the unhelpful dichotomies we aim to break down with our publishing

Footnote is an award-winning publisher that launched in 2022 as a platform for marginalised perspectives. We are committed to inclusivity and innovation across all aspects of our publishing. Our mission is to counter dominant narratives and retell the story.

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Sabrin Hasbun wins inaugural £15,000 Footnote x Counterpoints Writing Prize
Sabrin’s book Wait for Her is a memoir-family saga which retraces the love story between her Palestinian father and her Italian mother, and will be published by Footnote Press in Spring 2025.

Madness by Antonia Hylton is a New York Times Bestseller
Madness, though ostensibly the story of Crownsville, is really about the continued lack of understanding, treatment and care of the mental health of a people, Black people, who need it most.

Footnote acquires Rebel Sounds by Joe Mulhall
Historian Joe Mulhall uncovers how music has shaped resistance movements across the globe, from Irish protest songs to Apartheid South Africa to the artists in Ukraine today.

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