Footnote is a disruptive new publisher focusing on migration, identity, separation, resistance and reclamation. We are committed to inclusivity and innovation across all aspects of our publishing. Our mission is to challenge dominant narratives and retell the story.

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We’re incredibly proud to be publishing Hanako Footman’s stunning debut novel Mongrel 
Set across Japan and the UK, Mongrel weaves together the overlapping stories of three women, and the pain and glory of adolescence.

Footnote Press announces Moving Mountains, a nature writing anthology by disabled and chronically ill authors
Edited by psychologist and writer Louise Kenward and featuring voices from across the world, Moving Mountains will be the ‘first of its kind’ in nature writing.

Wild Geese by Soula Emmanuel featured in The Irish Times’ list of fiction to look forward to in 2023
Out 30 March, Wild Geese is an intimate and moving debut novel of past lives, messy feelings and the desire to start afresh.

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