These are just some of the unhelpful dichotomies we aim to break down with our publishing

Footnote is a pioneering new press for our challenging times. We are committed to inclusivity and innovation across all aspects of our publishing. Our mission is to counter dominant narratives and retell the story.

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Footnote Press wins Start-up of the Year at the FutureBook Conference 2023
We’re thrilled to have won this prestigious award and thank all our terrific authors for their support.

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Footnote Press and Counterpoints Arts have partnered to launch the 2023-24 Footnote x Counterpoints Writing Prize for writers from refugee and migrant backgrounds
The £15,000 award, which includes an advance of £5,000 and a publication agreement with Footnote Press, is for narrative non-fiction centred around themes of displacement, identity and/or resistance.

Footnote Press presents My Algorithm: GPT queered, an AI text generator trained on Hannah Silva’s genre-fluid memoir My Child, the Algorithm
Generate poetic texts in the style of Silva’s new book using our fine-tuned algorithm for a more surreal, surprising and queerer version of GPT.

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