These are just some of the unhelpful dichotomies we aim to break down with our publishing.

Footnote is a pioneering new press focusing on migration, identity, separation, resistance and reclamation. Founded in the UK, we are committed to inclusivity and innovation across all aspects of our publishing. Our mission is to challenge dominant narratives and retell the story.

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Footnote to partner with Counterpoints Arts for the launch of Map of Hope and Sorrow
We’re proud to be partnering with Counterpoints Arts and Refugee Week around the launch of Map of Hope and Sorrow: Stories of Refugees Trapped in Greece by Helen Benedict and Eyad Awwadawnan.

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Strong Female Character
Hanna Flint

Hanna Flint speaks from the heart in Strong Female Character, a personal and incisive reflection on how cinema has been the key to understanding herself and the world we live in.

Living Together
Mim Skinner

From the author of Jailbirds and one of Elle’s ’50 Game Changers’ (2019) comes a timely exploration of different forms of living together.