Cover: Grand Scheme of Things

The Grand Scheme of Things

Warona Jay


£16.99 | 12 September 2024 | ISBN: 9781804441237


£12.99 | 12 September 2024 | ISBN: 9781804441251

Two unlikely friends hatch an extraordinary scheme to expose the theatre world in this wildly entertaining and sharply observed debut novel exploring perception, redemption, and how success shapes us all.

Meet Relebogile Naledi Mpho Moruakgomo. Or, for short, Eddie: an aspiring playwright who dreams of making it big in London’s theatre world. But after repeated rejections from white talent agents, Eddie suspects her non-white sounding name might be the problem.

Enter Hugo Lawrence Smith: good looking, well-connected, charismatic and . . . very white. Stifled by his law degree and looking for a way out of the corporate world, he finds a kindred spirit in Eddie after a chance encounter at a cafe.

Together they devise a plan, one which will see Eddie’s play on stage and Hugo’s name in lights. They send out her script under his name and vow to keep the play’s origins a secret until it reaches critical levels of success. Then they can expose the theatre world for its racism and hollow clout-chasing. But as their plan spins wildly out of control, Eddie and Hugo find themselves wondering if their reputations, and their friendship, can survive.

‘With a combination of wit and compassion, Jay offers a trenchant examination of systemic racism in the arts from the POVs of survivors, unwitting contributors and intentional participants, while at the same time shining a light on the drives that bind us all: the desire for love, success and a sense of worth in our communities. Jay doesn’t offer easy answers or simplistic characterisations: everyone is beautifully complicated – they keep you guessing from start to finish. What a fabulous debut novel!’Megan Campisi, author of THE SIN EATER

About the Author

Born in Botswana, raised in the West Midlands, UK and living in London, Warona Jay studied law at the University of Kent and King’s College London before switching to a creative writing PhD at Brunel. She was shortlisted for the Sony Young Movellist of the Year Award judged by Malorie Blackman as a teen and longlisted for Penguin Random House’s WriteNow Scheme in 2020.

The Grand Scheme of Things
is her debut novel.

Author Warona Jolomba