Moving Mountains

Nature Writing from Disabled and Chronically Ill Authors
Louise Kenward


£20.00 | 26 October 2023 | ISBN: 9781804440537

Through 24 pieces, the writers of Moving Mountains offer a vision of nature that encompasses the close up, the microscopic, and the vast.

From the undulations of the Peak District to the decimated indigenous flora of Jakarta, from a single falling snowflake to the enormity of the north wind, this is nature experienced wholly and acutely, written from the perspective of disabled and chronically-ill authors, those for whom climbing mountains and trekking through rough terrain is often out of reach.

Edited by author Louise Kenward, Moving Mountains is not about overcoming or conquering, but about living with and connecting, shifting the reader’s attention to the things easily overlooked by those who travel through the world untroubled by the body that carries them.

About the Author

Louise Kenward is a writer, artist and psychologist. In 2020 Louise set up ZebraPsych, a project established to raise awareness and understanding of energy limiting chronic illness. After co-producing Disturbing the Body (Boudicca Press, 2021), an anthology of women’s writing on when their bodies failed or fell from under them, she has been working to create Moving Mountains. The anthology brings together writers and readers who live with illness/disability and a love of the more-than-human world around us. Louise is currently Writer-in-Residence at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve with Sussex Wildlife Trust.