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Benjamin Breen

25 April 2024 | £22.00

‘A brilliant and original history of the chemical dreamscape of American democracy…’ – Charles King

A bold and brilliant revisionist take on the history of psychedelics in the twentieth century, illuminating how a culture of experimental drugs shaped the Cold War and the birth of Silicon Valley.

Soula Emmanuel

16 May 2024 | £9.99

‘Soula is the most exciting new voice in Irish writing’ Barry Pierce, i-D

Debut novelist Soula Emmanuel tells the story of Phoebe Forde, an Irish trans woman living in Scandinavia who unexpectedly reconnects with her first (and only) girlfriend, igniting memories she thought she’d left behind.

Tawseef Khan

13 June 2024 | £16.99

‘A compassionate, beautifully told portrait’ – Guy Gunaratne

At once a polyphonic exploration of the UK immigration system and the story of one woman’s attempt to find a life for herself amidst the pressures of her job

Malwina Gudowska

20 June 2024 | £16.99

Linguist and writer Malwina Gudowska unpicks the myths surrounding multilingualism and the political, emotional and gendered weight of passing down language to your children

Amber Massie-Blomfield

27 June 2024 | £16.99

An urgent reminder that art can make a human life more bearable, and can be a means of building the things that a person needs to survive the bleakest circumstances.

Jade Song

4 July 2024 | £9.99

‘This fantastically strange, explosive debut novel entrances even as it unsettles. It’s so brilliantly written’ — Buzzfeed

A mesmerising debut novel of sapphic longing, intense obsession and fierce, defiant becoming – enthralling and visceral, this is an unforgettable vision of adolescence in all its horrific glory.

Yasmin Zaher

11 July 2024 | £14.99

The Coin is not a wonderful beginning that promises masterpieces to come – it already is a masterpiece’ – Slavoj Zizek

Abold and unabashed novel about a young Palestinian woman’s unravelling as she teaches at a New York City middle school, gets caught up in a scheme reselling Birkin bags, and strives to gain control over her body and mind.

Lisa Mueller

22 August 2024 | £16.99

A data-backed investigation into what makes protest and mass movements around the world effective, written by a leading political scientist.

Hanna Flint

22 August 2024 | £9.99

‘A real celebration and ode to women who hold up the art of cinema.’ Mollie Goodfellow

Leading film critic of her generation offers an unflinchingly honest and humorous account of her mixed-race millennial journey towards self-acceptance through a cinematic lens.

Maurice J Casey

26 August 2024 | £20.00

The extraordinary story of a group of forgotten radicals who found themselves drawn to communist Moscow’s hotbed of international revolutionary activity: the Hotel Lux

Sunny Singh

5 September 2024 | £9.99

‘Prepare to laugh, sob and dance’ Telegraph

This fascinating journey through the complex histories of India, its performance traditions and cultural history is a love letter to cinema, an invitation to learn about the largest film fandom on the planet, and a window onto the rise of modern India.

Warona Jay

12 September 2024 | £16.99

Her play, his name – a young Black playwright hatches a plan with her white male friend to expose the racism of the British theatrical establishment in this whip-smart, immersive satire, perfect for fans of YELLOWFACE

Joe Mulhall

26 September 2024 | £25.00

Joe Mulhall uncovers how music has shaped resistance movements across the globe, from Irish protest songs to Apartheid South Africa to the artists in Ukraine today.

Paul Baker

3 October 2024 | £10.99

‘Paul Baker captures essence of an essentially uncapturable phenomenon making it just knowable enough for all. My dear, she’s on fire!’ – Damian Barr

By the bestselling author of Fabulosa! and Outrageous!, this reappraisal of camp across time and in all its glorious forms shows how an inescapable part of popular culture has also played an important role in equality movements as a form of protest or resistance.

Ayala Panievsky

17 October 2024 | £16.99

A ground-breaking guide to how the media’s self-censorship in the face of populist politics threatens democracy.