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David R Samson

21 September 2023 | £20.00

‘A riveting read. It’s captivating, enlightening, and thought provoking.’Steve Stewart-Williams

An astounding and inspiring look at the science behind tribalism, and how we can learn to harness it to improve the world around us.

Rebecca Clarren

5 October 2023 | £16.99

‘A brilliantly conceived family history, one that places questions of responsibility and atonement at the center of the conversation about America’s political future’ – the Whiting Foundation

An award-winning author investigates the entangled history of her Jewish ancestors’ land in South Dakota and the Lakota, who were forced off that land by the United States government.

Sunny Singh

19 October 2023 | £20.00

This fascinating journey through the complex histories of India, its performance traditions and cultural history is a love letter to cinema, an invitation to learn about the largest film fandom on the planet, and a window onto the rise of modern India.

Louise Kenward

26 October 2023 | £16.99

A first-of-its-kind anthology of nature writing by authors living with chronic illness and physical disability.

Debra Dank

2 November 2023 | £12.99

Douglas Stewart Prize for Non-Fiction, Indigenous Writers’ Prize, UTS Glenda Adams Award for New Writing, Longlisted for the 2023 Stella Prize

Debra Dank has created an extraordinary mosaic of vivid episodes that move about in time and place to tell an unforgettable story of country and people.

Edited by Joyce Carol Oates

18 January 2024 | £12.99

Joyce Carol Oates assembles an outstanding cast of authors – including Margaret Atwood, Raven Leilani, and Cassandra Khaw – to explore, subvert, and reinvent one of the most vital subgenres of horror

Hanako Footman

8 February 2024 | £16.99

An exquisite debut novel weaving together the voices of three young women in Japan and the UK as the threads of their lives unspool in unexpected directions.

Kiyoko Murata

7 March 2024 | £14.99

A vibrant historical novel following a tenacious and quick-witted young Japanese girl who becomes the protégée of a highest-ranking courtesan, from Akutagawa-Prize winner Kiyoko Murata

Andrew Brooks

28 March 2024 | £16.99

Bullshit Comparisons will challenge the way you think about rankings, charts and other marketing and political tools designed to create odious and dangerous comparisons.

Malwina Gudowska

2 May 2024 | £16.99

Linguist and writer Malwina Gudowska unpicks the myths surrounding multilingualism and the political, emotional and gendered weight of passing down language to your children

Amber Massie-Blomfield

27 June 2024 | £16.99

An urgent reminder that art can make a human life more bearable, and can be a means of building the things that a person needs to survive the bleakest circumstances.