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Helen Benedict and Eyad Awwadawnan

‘Heartfelt, eye-opening, timely, essential.’ — Christy Lefteri

‘This book celebrates human resilience and the capacity for hope, serving as a powerful call for tolerance.’Observer

The stories of refugees who fled violence or persecution only to become trapped in the worst refugee camps in Europe.

Lars Horn

‘Rapturous . . . [Horn] is the mystic’s David Attenborough.’New York Times Book Review

A kaleidoscopic, hallucinatory memoir that explores the trans experience through meditations on aquatic life and mythology, set against the backdrop of travels in Russia and a debilitating injury that left the author temporarily unable to speak, read and write.

Hanna Flint

‘A real celebration and ode to women who hold up the art of cinema.’ Mollie Goodfellow

Leading film critic of her generation offers an unflinchingly honest and humorous account of her mixed-race millennial journey towards self-acceptance through a cinematic lens.

Sarah Ladipo Manyika

Foreword by Bernardine Evaristo

‘Extraordinary conversations with many of the greatest minds and most inspiring figures of our age… Together they form a snap-shot of where the peoples of the Black diaspora stand, today in the early 21st Century, and how much has been overcome to get here.’David Olusoga

Mim Skinner

‘Skinner goes in search of a different way of life… a sensitive and colourful account’New Statesman

A journey around the UK’s communes, eco-villages and co-living spaces to find more compassionate, connected and sustainable ways to live.

Natasha Burge

‘Surreal, vivid, haunting, mischievous, visionary’Lauren Elkin

A strikingly original memoir of autism and transcultural identity, Drifts takes us through the souks, sands and cities of the Arabian Gulf, where the author is a native-born foreigner, to discover a new mapping of the self and celebrate the many stories a place can hold.

Soula Emmanuel

IRISH TIMES Books to look forward to in 2023

Debut novelist Soula Emmanuel tells the story of Phoebe Forde, an Irish trans woman living in Scandinavia who unexpectedly reconnects with her first (and only) girlfriend, igniting memories she thought she’d left behind.

Dana Sachs

‘Teaches us important lessons.’Rebecca Solnit

‘Will move and inspire you.’Adam Hochschild

As hundreds of thousands of displaced people sought refuge in Europe, the global relief system failed. This is the story of the volunteers who stepped forward to help.

Paul Baker

By the bestselling author of Fabulosa! and Outrageous!, this reappraisal of camp across time and in all its glorious forms shows how an inescapable part of popular culture has also played an important role in equality movements as a form of protest or resistance.

Charlie Hertzog Young

‘Utterly brilliant – engaging, thrilling, disturbing, revelatory, explosive’George Monbiot

This vital and eye-opening study draws on the latest evidence to unravel systemic ways that climate change is driving people mad – and shows how we can find inspiration in that madness.

Hannah Silva

‘My Child, the Algorithm redoes what autobiography is. Funny, inventive and moving, it raises the stakes for the rest of us writers’ — Isabel Waidner

A book about love, loss and queer single parenting co-written with a machine-learning algorithm and a toddler.

Cynthia Enloe

‘A force to be reckoned with and utterly tireless… With typical laser focus, she repeatedly questions which things society pays attention to and which we consider insignificant.’Laura Bates, Guardian

Draws on first-hand experiences of war in countries as diverse as Ukraine, Syria and Northern Ireland to show how women’s wars are not men’s wars.

Eliot Duncan

Ponyboy pops pills, snorts speed, and attempts art as he comes to terms with his transmasculinity and addiction in Paris and Berlin, in the electric debut from Eliot Duncan.

Hanako Footman

An exquisite debut novel weaving together the voices of three young women in Japan and the UK as the threads of their lives unspool in unexpected directions.

Sunny Singh

This fascinating journey through the complex histories of India, its performance traditions and cultural history is a love letter to cinema, an invitation to learn about the largest film fandom on the planet, and a window onto the rise of modern India.

Louise Kenward

A first-of-its-kind anthology of nature writing by authors living with chronic illness and physical disability.

Jade Song

A mesmerising debut novel of sapphic longing, intense obsession and fierce, defiant becoming – enthralling and visceral, this is an unforgettable vision of adolescence in all its horrific glory.

C.C. O’Hanlon

An exhilarating exploration of islands – what they are, what they mean, and what they do – by a sailor who has never quite felt like he belonged on land.

Yelena Moskovich

A vibrant, muscular genre-bending novel set in the coldest night of a Berlin winter as decades of Russian and Ukrainian history unfold alongside a broken love affair. The Waste Land for our times, this is a forceful, dark and unexpectedly erotic anthem for doomed youth.